Learn to lead like your career depends on it.

Because it does. The Gettysburg Leadership Experience offers individuals a way to develop existing skills while expanding influential connections.

Seize the high ground early.

A change in perspective can alter your decisions and your direction. From your first hours at Gettysburg, as you and your Experience colleagues explore the perimeters of this place, you are opening yourself to see events and colleagues in a different light and from a higher elevation.


The Gettysburg Leadership Experience is geared for high-potential individuals, directors, senior leaders and teams seeking greater cohesion and function. Those gaining most from our unique model are:

  • Seeking a memorable event for advancement and transformation
  • Desiring a higher level of understanding of leadership, strategy and action
  • Willing to explore, engage and analyze to create a personal structure for guiding self and others

You may arrive solo. But you will not leave the same.

Battlefields are known for the bonds they create. Open Enrollment for the Gettysburg Leadership Experience is structured to facilitate interaction, connection and networking. Individuals and small groups have the opportunity to learn leadership lessons directly and through dialog with participants from other business sectors. Knowledge translates. Insights emerge.