April 11-14, 2022

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Women of Distinction

Women of Distinction: The Gettysburg Leadership Experience, is a four-day program that integrates three central and distinct groups of women into the current Gettysburg Leadership Experience: the women from varied professional backgrounds (cooperatives, corporate, government, military, and educational), women leaders who currently shape the Gettysburg community, and the female historical protagonists who responded in the time of crisis during the Battle of Gettysburg.

Registration Fee: $2,750 per attendee

Held at the Gettysburg Hotel

Lead with Networks
Networks are essential to the development and success of leaders who look to navigate and seek a successful personal & professional balance within the marketplace. Research shows that those who move towards strong networks find the support, guidance, and connections to become a more powerful influencer and change agent within themselves and others.

The custom modules and case studies selected for the program focus on key behaviors, lessons, networks, and leadership skills for participants at all leader levels. It is through this intentional design, a facilitative approach, coupled with pro-active reflection and powerful dialogue where participants can incorporate impactful learning opportunities into their own leadership style, and explore their journey with others as they look to balance their career and personal ambitions.

Please contact John Regentin for more information.