November 1-3, 2022

You’re one step away from being the leader you envision.

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Come to Gettysburg in 2022.

  • Come walk the fields and hear the facts.
  • Learn how choices made in the heat of battle forged leaders and lives.
  • Discover how choices you make now can change your career and future.
  • The Gettysburg Leadership Experience from FCCS.
  • Like no other.

Held in the historic setting called America’s greatest classroom, The Gettysburg Leadership Experience uses uniquely tailored, core learning modules with action-oriented case studies. Certified guides walk the battlefield with you. National experts in leadership development spark dynamic dialog.

Registration Fee: $2,350 per attendee

Held at the Gettysburg Hotel

Colleagues from diverse industries broaden your networking. Together, you’ll explore:

Dynamic Discovery: Gettysburg National Military Park Museum and Visitor Center
Gain the full perspective to grasp the challenge ahead. When you explore a situation from every angle, how can it sharpen your edge?

Anticipatory Leadership: The High Ground
Seize your strategic advantage. How can you claim your "high ground?"

Transactional & Transformational Leadership: The Left Flank
Identify your areas of highest risk. How do you decide when to hold firm in the face of strong opposition?

Predictable Surprises: Lee and Longstreet at the Moment of Decision
Beware the blind spots of success. How can you maintain focus when success sparks powerful momentum?