Larry Taylor


The Gettysburg Leadership Experience isn’t a cookie-cutter program. It’s a creative, intellectual and organizing means to help participants think differently, more creatively and more critically. We try to provide the time, space, opportunity and incentive for them to challenge themselves to be better, with the battlefield providing the true magic of the program.

Former Ambassador Lawrence P. Taylor spent many years of his professional career providing leadership overseas. Today, after co-founding the Gettysburg Leadership Experience, he helps facilitate program sessions, bringing his exceptional leadership insight to life within the context of this pivotal Civil War battle. Over the 17 years since GLE was founded, Larry has guided hundreds of groups and thousands of participants through the program. Beginning with a very strong and sometimes provocative opening, he builds on the thoughts and experiences shared by the group and organically melds them into the topics being covered, tying the leadership lessons and the group’s insights together.

Additional Background

  • Served as a career diplomat with U.S. Department of State, including global postings as a political and economic advisor
  • U.S. Ambassador to Estonia from 1995 to 1997
  • Recipient of the State Department’s Distinguished Honor for leadership at National Foreign Affairs Training Center, where he served as director
  • Director for boards of several Civil War organizations, as well as The Eisenhower Institute and The National Trust for Historic Gettysburg
  • President of The Lincoln Fellowship of Pennsylvania
  • Served as senior advisor to two presidents of Gettysburg College
  • Graduate of Ohio University and National War College with graduate work at Harvard University, Kent State and American University


Our faculty is made up of instructors and guides, many of whom are licensed battlefield guides. Instructors and guides are chosen for each session based upon the identified goals of the group.

Emergent Leaders (Young Professionals Program)

The Act of Followership is a critical leadership behavior. With insights gained from a uniquely tailored approach which integrates a number of our core learning modules, experiential exercises, and a Performance Relational Questionnaire (PRQ); Emergent Leaders are able learn and apply practicable skills that support and advance an organization’s strategic mission from within. Advance the career of your high-potential by providing the necessary tools to follow and influence peers and colleagues, by learning to ask the right first questions. This program is suited for the individual contributor and those new to management.

2022 Program Dates

Pursuit, Retreat and Resilience

The Pursuit, Retreat and Resilience Program is designed to continue the conversation and prepare effectively for organizational setbacks and reposition more rapidly when they occur. Build upon the lessons learned from your first visit and integrate new knowledge of Meade's Pursuit, Lee's Retreat to Virginia and Lincoln's Visit to Gettysburg. Position your leadership style to guide both people and processes during times of intense challenge and adversity, as we explore the continuation and impact of the Gettysburg Campaign through today's environment.

2021 Program Dates

2022 Program Dates

Women of Distinction

This three-day program integrates three central and distinct groups of women into the current Gettysburg Leadership Experience platform. These groups represent the professionals who attend, women leaders who currently shape the Gettysburg community, and the female historical protagonists who pivoted and put their lives on the line during the Battle of Gettysburg. Through this facilitative process, the program will provide a shared learning and leadership experience, coaching opportunities and connections to share challenges and successes, and an ongoing network of professionals from a variety of industries.

2021 Program Dates

2022 Program Dates

Open Enrollment Programs

Our open enrollment programs meet the needs of those seeking an exceptional leadership training opportunity on an individual or small-group basis.

The following Open Enrollment programs are available for individuals and small groups. To explore a customized Experience for your organization, please contact