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Step into the landscape where leadership lives.

Gettysburg. You know its storied place in the past. Now, discover the power it can bring to your future.

Involve everyone on your team and grow together.

Learn how to merge different viewpoints and experiences to boost your own leadership skill set.

Develop skills to become a true leader.

You may arrive solo, but you won't leave Gettysburg the same. Step into a change of perspective and grow with us.

Action-driven modules reinforce learning

The Gettysburg Leadership Experience integrates uniquely tailored, core learning modules with game-changing case studies to engage participants and encourage dialog.

It's the energy that differentiates this program.

If you are seeking a foundational leadership development option with expansion potential for your organization's executives, read on. If you are searching for an individualized experience to fast-forward your leadership capabilities and broaden your professional network, step in.

Each session is presented by master instructors

Faculty for the Gettysburg Leadership Experience meets the highest criteria. Each guide is seasoned and licensed, having met the stringent federal requirements for training and testing. Every classroom instructor brings expertise related specifically to this development methodology and these modules. From a former ambassador and leadership experts to field guides who have made Gettysburg come alive for thousands, this is the teaching team you want.


A new Open Enrollment Program has been added because of the high demand.

Our open enrollment sessions meet the needs of those seeking an exceptional leadership training opportunity on an individual or small-group basis.

The following Open Enrollment programs are available for individuals and small groups. To explore a customized Experience for your organization, please contact